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Multeepurpose VP- Shana Dysert

Can a shirt change the world? We believe so. We are Multeepurpose. Headquartered and manufactured in Los Angeles, multeepurpose infuses amazing contemporary style with social and environmentally conscience philosophies. Our revolutionary concept in casual-contemporary clothing is built on harnessing the power of design and infusing it with a purpose.


Wild Hearts Can’t be Tamed: http://ow.l

Wild Hearts Can’t be Tamed:
Typographic Design by Gary Atwood for Multeepurpose


Spring Has Sprung! New Products posting

Spring Has Sprung!
New Products posting to our shopping site soon!!

Creating a company that “does more”

Doing More - Multeepurpose

I recently did an interview with EPN (Entrepreneur Podcast Network) and wanted to share a bit of what we discussed. I believe strongly that companies today should be in the business of changing the world, and of benefiting the consumer in a personal way,  rather than simply selling a product that takes up closet space. I hope this gives you insight into the core of Multeepurpose and why we have built our model around changing the world, one shirt at a time.

Eric: “What is the most important trend you see in business today for both companies that provide a product or a service?”

Shana:  The current financial state of the  economy  has really changed the way consumers view brands and business. Consumers’ (myself included) are disillusioned with what they view as greed-driven corporations, and distrust much of  corporate America.

Think about the Bank Bailout. Banks were bailed out using tax-payer money, and some of the top ranking executives made Millions in bonuses and salary while the rest of  middle America struggled to keep their jobs.

Many in the corporate world are so far removed from their target audience, they struggle to determine what their consumers want or need. With the help of the internet, consumers are quickly becoming  better informed, more active, and  more opinionated. They also do not hesitate to share their like’s and dislikes publicly.

We live in an age of smartphone apps, and social media. This allows us to get information on anything we encounter, anytime, anywhere. As a result, Consumers are looking for human brands; products and companies that connect and  “do” more for them.  Brands that practice delivering high-quality, relevant, and valuable information will see profits increasing significantly.

Because of the immediacy of information, and the amount of sales pitches consumers see daily, companies and brands urgently need to hone their hospitality skills. They can do this by creating content that will help their target audience improve their daily lives,  rather than  selling an identity to conform  to.

Forbes has referred to this as generation G; Replacing Greed With Generosity. If you want to stay relevant in societies that value generosity, sharing and collaboration, this is a trend you need to keep an eye on. Become a brand or company that “does more”. Offer a product or service with added value.

By “becoming a brand that does more,” I mean brands that offer a genuine connection to your consumer. Provide enlightened hospitality rather than simply service. Create consumer content that makes it easier for customers to find, relate, and interact with your product or service.  In the age of technology, competitors know how to offer the exact same products and services, but I believe it is the culture and experience companies create that will help them stand out.

According to Havas Media-  a company devoted  to the very sort of  caring culture,” I am describing here, “only 20% of brands have a notable positive impact on our sense of wellbeing and quality of life”. Put that together with another study which indicates that most people would not even care if 70% of worldwide brands ceased to exist, and you can really see the value of creating valuable content marketing.

Imagine: If the goal of every company selling a product or service was to better a life, or better the planet: Imagine the world we would live in!

Find your Purpose – Share these facts


Find your Purpose – Liberty, Humanity, Eco, Urgent, Animal

Our goal: Change the world, one top at a time… Learn More


1+1/2 Acres of Rainforest are lost per second


In 10 years, 22% of all species will be extinct if no action is taken to protect them.


There are more slaves today than ever before in Human History


Over 250 million people have been affected by natural disasters in the past year.


Women perform 66% of the worlds work, receive 11% of the worlds income, and own 1% of the worlds land.

What you can do? Check out these great Organizations:

Neat Companies doing good works around the globe…

i love when I get my monthly trend reports from – this month was no let down. 12 mini-trends – i especially love reading about the eco, and social trends by companies doing good work around the globe.

Here are some highlights i loved reading (and some apps I intend to download too!).



Colombian appliance company Mabe launched a campaign in 2011 to promote its water-saving washing machine (which uses 180 liters less water than similar models). In Bogota, Mabe set up booths where individuals could push a button to donate clean water to rural towns in Colombia.

Now here is the neat part... Each booth was connected with a webcam so that the villagers saw exactly who was donating water. 

In two weeks, 15,000 participants helped donate 50,000 liters of water.


OUTsurance is an insurance company in South Africa. They put traffic wardens on streets in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Tshwane – to ease the traffic flow at dangerous intersections.

Similarly, another South African insurance company went to work filling in potholes helping their insured drivers (and everyone else on the roads). Hey American Insurance… Think you can take a note from their book?!

Pothole Brigade

In South Africa, insurance firm Dial Direct launched the Pothole Brigade, a road maintenance initiative that repaired over 50,000 potholes in and around Johannesburg, as drivers reported them. Sadly, red tape recently killed the initiative, but there are plenty of other cities that could benefit from a similar set-up. 

Why is it red tape is always getting in the way of doing good?


US-based aluminum manufacturer Alcoa unveiled a new solution to deal with urban pollution. Reynobond with EcoClean is a ‘smog-eating’ material which cleans both itself and the air around it, decomposing the smog, pollutants, fumes and dirt that can coat a building’s surface.


The Lotus charger from Italian product design brand LumineXence is a solar-powered electric vehicle charger, which also functions as an LED streetlamp and bench.

Uniqlo Wake Up

In a similar vein, Uniqlo Wake Up is a free app which wakes users up with music automatically created based on the weather, with a melodic voice to announce the time, conditions and day of the week.

Read the full trend report here:

New Eco Styles for the Very Green Collection!



California Sea Lion – from Rescue to Release

“This 290 lb. male sea lion, suffering from malnutrition, was rescued by CWC’s Marine Mammal Response Team on August 27. After being cared for at the Marine Mammal Care Center, he was released on October 9. He is now back enjoying his ocean home. Video provided courtesy of the Marine Mammal Care Center at Ft. MacArthur.” –

The California Wildlife Center (CWC) takes responsibility for the protection of all native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and conservation.

Like what they are about? Donate Directly!

Extended One More Day – “Like” MP and get 50% Off Storewide!

One Day Left: 50% Off Store-wide with our Facebook Code!

In honor of reaching #350 likes on Facebook – For one week only, we are running a store-wide 50% Off Promotion! Check out Our Facebook Page, enter the code at checkout, and get 1/2 off all products in our store. 
ENDS 6/26/2012  (NOW EXTENDED ONE LAST DAY for all you procrastinators). 


(Certain limitations apply: only one coupon code accepted per order, current sale items, and ruby designs not included).

Thanks Roozt!


If you haven’t heard; Roozt is the new kid on the block and is already turning some heads…

Roozt lets you discover the coolest, trendsetting, cause-oriented brands all under one roof. That means no more scouring blogs, facebook walls, or google searches to find that fav new brand that’s helping save the world with their business. When you find the brand, item, or impact that you love, Roozt literally gives you rewards for sharing it with your friends. << How neat is that?!

Check them out:

Coming Soon: Shop Multeepurpose at Roozt!

Multeepurpose has qualified for all four Roost Ratings and we couldn’t be happier!

Form follows function. Well, that can’t be said for most fashion statements, but Multeepurpose products are committed to abiding by that principle. Every product has a story behind it and was designed with one in mind. For every item they sell, they donate to a charity that correlates to the design of the item. With their lightning reflexes, Multeepurpose kicks it into high gear when global disasters strike. When the tsunami devastated Japan, Multeepurpose created special collections whose profits were donated entirely to those in need. Who needs Superman, anyway?
Just as with their products, Multeepurpose aims to be trendsetters with their responsible business model. With their commitment to more informed, responsible business choices, they are enabling and encouraging their customers and clients to do the same. Multeepurpose shirts are made from a range of 100% biodegradable and 100% natural materials, and their printing process uses PVC-free, water-based ink. For the ultimate in eco-chic, Multeepurpose has a collection dedicated to our glorious mother earth, comprised of apparel focused on sustainability and preservation of the natural environment.
The US economy thanks you, Multeepurpose, for creating more jobs. Multeepurpose produces locally, with everything down to their printing facility in-house. Bringing Big Brother to sustainable business practice, they supervise the production of each garment to ensure a high standard of quality and fair labor conditions.
As pretty as they are, it’s not all about the dollar signs. Multeepurpose represents a new breed of company that recognizes that the fiscal bottom line alone is not an adequate indicator of a company’s success. Multeepurpose employees are active participants in many of the non-profits the company supports. To date, they’ve hosted multiple community events from hands-on clothing production programs for at-risk teens to runway fashion shows for the atypical model.


Discovery: Fall/Winter 2012

Photography: Maria Elena Malavos, Nicolas Pigot
Makeup: Lauren Gene Marshall
Director/Stylist: Shana Dysert
Models: Whitney Heleker, Andrew Melendez, Diana Butova, Nerek Zakaryan, Jason Lima.
Whitney Heleker Multeepurpose Fall 2012Multeepurpose Discovery Compass Design
Multeepurpose Discovery Collection FW12

Whitney Heleker in Multeepurpose Maxi Dress

Whitney Heleker and Jason for Multeepurpose
Whitney Heleker Multeepurpose Tee and Ethos Feather Skirt

Diana Butova for Multeepurpose

Multeepurpose in Department Stores – Summer 2012


Multeepurpose in Department Stores - Summer 2012

Multeepurpose Apparel in Department Stores – Summer 2012

My Name is Ruby. I am 14.

I am Ruby
I am Neat and organized
I say… “Be Water my Friend”
I pretend… to fly
I dream… My future… being a CEO
I am Neat and organized
I am Ruby … and this is my Company – Ruby Designs

Ruby Designs started in my Spark Class in school. It started with the help of Multeepurpose. I wanted to learn about business. So far i have learned the different types of tee-shirt printing. I learned how to make an inspiration board. I now have products for sale!!!

You can get them here!! I worked on everything from the concept, to design, to setting up the “backend” of a store. (thats all the stuff you dont see on a website).  Again- here is the link:

All the profits from the sale of my products will go to the SPARK Program. I hope you will like my facebook page!  

>>  << As part of starting a company I also have to learn to share about it.

Shana sent me this game to learn about advertising. It is from the federal trade comission – and its fun to play:

This is my first product! It will soon be for sale with proceeds donating to Spark

The first product I helped to design

(This is from their website  >>>)  “Spark is a national organization that provides life-changing apprenticeships to middle school students from disadvantaged communities in an effort to empower them to succeed in their education and beyond. 30% of students in the United States drop out of high school every year, averaging 7,000 every every day. Among students in the highest need neighborhoods across the United States, the dropout rate exceeds 50%. This is one of the greatest social justice issues of our time.”

You should like the Spark Facebook page too!

>> <<

“Spark addresses the dropout crisis by connecting volunteer professionals with underserved youth in workplace apprenticeships to “spark” their potential. Students identify a “dream job,” and Spark matches that student with a mentor doing that job. These apprenticeships are complemented by a Leadership Class, which helps students connect apprenticeship learning to school. As students explore the school-to-career connection, they build skills critical for academic success, gain a strong appreciation for the relevance of their education, and become motivated to work hard to achieve their dreams.”

These are my mood boards! They will inspire my other designs!

This is not Fashion – This is your Purpose: $27,125 raised for our Causes

Just got the final numbers in… and I am speechless!

Our goal was to connect consumers with a purpose – to allow them to effortlessly find and support a cause, with something as simple as a tee shirt. With a team of 5 determined individuals, and the support of our friends, families, and fans, we have created a clothing line that not only looks great – but is DOING great things. Last year we donated $11,000 to non-profit organizations involved in good works around the globe. This year, we more than doubled that!

Learn More:;  Shop Online:

Animal 1,270.00
Eco 4,310.00
Liberty 945.00
Humanity 1,600.00
Urgent 19,000.00
Total: 27,125.00

So what did we do that all that money?

$1270 went to our Animal Cause  These donations helped support  400 dogs and cats through ARK (many from Fukushima who have lost their families in the Japanese Tsuanami and Earthquake).  They also helped the California Wildlife Center  rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife.  Did you know, it costs $700 to raise and release a fawn in six months. CWC cared for 18 fawns in 2010. Since 1998, CWC has experienced a steady increase in animal patients, caring for more than 25,000 wild animals, many whose injuries were caused by the impacts of their urbanized environments.

$4310 went to our Eco Cause- We protected an Acre of the Kimbe Coral Reef, home to a wealth of colorful hard and soft corals, 12 different species of marine mammals and more than 860 species of coral reef fish with the Nature Conservancy. We gave support to small local organizations and Indigenous communities struggling to protect their Rainforest homelands saving acres of Rainforest through the Rainforest Action Network. Through OISCA we contributed to scholarships, conservation projects, and education programs teaching environmentally sustainable development in 31 different countries.

$945 Went to our Liberty Cause: We supported the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy’s educational programs designed for teachers, community-based mentors and middle and high school students. These programs providing them with tools needed to become active participants in our democratic society whether through voting, community volunteerism, or public service. We supported also women, mothers, and children through JOICFP, an organization inspired by a vision of a world in which the basic human needs of individuals and families are met, enabling individuals to make their own choices regarding reproductive health and rights.

$1600 Went to our Humanity Cause: Dedicated to the preservation of universal human welfare, we donated to organizations that; work to prevent child-abuse (Orange Ribbon), support disabled or impaired individuals lead normal lives (JP Blind football association), help homeless families break the cycle of poverty (CCCO & Tenohashi), and provide much needed medical care to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflictepidemicsmalnutrition,exclusion from health care, or natural disasters (Doctors without Borders)

$19,000 Went to our Urgent Cause:  We addressed recent urgent and catastrophic events caused by natural disasters, often donating 100% of our profits in this category. Since the disaster in Japan the Red Cross contributed over $260 million in Aid. Our donation helped the Red Cross provide more than 82,000 sets of household appliances, including a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker and hot water dispenser, to families who lost their homes. As of early August, approximately 10,000 people were still living in evacuation centers, we supported the Red Cross in providing each person with three meals a day, and enough water to drink.

The social and environmental challenges we face are enormous. The need for businesses to lead the way is even bigger. Our effortless activism campaign offers a simple, tangible and fashionable way for both our business, and our customers (YOU!)  to be a part of the solution.

Feel free to visit our shopping site and choose your purpose!

Seal Pup Season – From the CWC

Help Us Find & Rescue Marine Mammals in Distress!

NES_LeftPhoto_188x128 2CSL_MiddlePhoto_167x128 2HS_RightPhoto_215x128 2

L to R: Elephant Seal “true seal” – no external ear flaps or holes;
California Sea Lion – external ear flaps and puppy-like face;
Harbor Seal “true seal”- small external ear holes.

Share Our Passion for Marine Mammals and Ocean Conservation California Wildlife Center’s Marine Mammal Response Team assists distressed marine mammals and marine birds along the Malibu coastline for many different reasons, including malnourishment, separation from mothers, entanglements and diseases; but nearly 10% of the animals we rescue have been impacted by human interaction and hazards like net and fishing line entanglements, gun shots and boat strikes – making their rescue all the more our responsibility.

Pup Season in Malibu –

What to Look For During the months of February through April, all three species of seal pups may be found on Malibu beaches. Some may be simply warming up and resting while their mothers are away feeding, others may be suffering from malnutrition and in need of medical assistance.

Animals in Distress: Important Tips to Remember

If you see a marine mammal or marine bird in distress or injured: • Do not approach, touch, pick up, feed or pour water on the animal. Doing so is often more harmful to the animal and it is a violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 • Watch the animal from a distance of at least 50 feet • Note physical characteristics and the animal’s condition • Determine the exact location of the animal

• Call California Wildlife Center’s Emergency Hotline with the above critical information. California Wildlife Center’s Emergency Hotline: 310-458-WILD (9453)

Visit our website to expand your knowledge about marine mammals and coexisting with wildlife.

What would you attempt?

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”

– Robert H. Schuller

Taking fear out of the equation, what are your biggest dreams?

“If you knew you could abolish slavery, what action would you take? If you could save the life of one girl or change the circumstances of 27 million slaves worldwide, would you buy a cup of fair trade coffee, make a donation, teach a child to read, demand a new law or spread the word that slavery must stop? What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?” – Carol Metzker

Carol has traveled to India to see Free the Slaves’ frontline partner work. Recently she spend time in Punarnawa ashram, where girls who have survived slavery rehabilitate, and receive vocational training. Punarnawa means “new beginning.” Read her earlier blog post here.

Jason Mraz sings “The Freedom Song” at the 2010 Freedom Awards from Free the Slaves


Notice anything new on wordpress today?

How about Google, Wikipedia, Wired, ?

They are all protesting the SOPA and PIPA antipiracy bills. Luckily the word is getting across. This past hour 3 co-sponsors of the bill have now withdrawn their support.

From the LA Times, “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) withdrew as a co-sponsor of the Protect IP Act in the Senate, while Reps. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) and Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) said they were pulling their names from the companion House bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act. Opponents of the legislation, led by large Internet companies, say its broad definitions could lead to censorship of online content and force some websites to shut down.”

ABC news explains the purpose of the proposed bills:

“The bills were intended to protect movie makers, music publishers and other providers of online content who fear that in the digital age, people can copy what they’ve created and spread it without paying for it. They’ve said digital pirating is a major threat to their businesses. Supporters include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Motion Picture Association of America. The Walt Disney Company, the parent company of ABC News, is among the firms supporting the legislation.

Internet companies have been complaining that the bills put them in the untenable position of having to be online police. They say they worry that the two bills could hold them responsible if users of their sites link to pirated content.

The companies said the bills could require your Internet provider to block websites that are involved in digital file sharing. And search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing could be stopped from linking to them — antithetical, they argue, to the ideal of an open Internet.”

SOPA and PIPA would force website owners to police users and even go so far as to block entire sites. Small sites won’t be able to defend themselves, and as Wikipedia states, ” Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn’t being infringed.  In a world in which politicians regulate the Internet based on the influence of big money, Wikipedia — and sites like it — cannot survive.”

I understand protecting the rights of copyright owners, intellectual property is property, but SOPA and PIPA would do more damage than good.

Coachella Valley, California – Bikechella Contest (Win Tickets and Bike Rentals)

I know… I know…

There’s still three months to go, but I can’t help it!

Coachella is my second favorite holiday of the year!

***UPDATE 3/29***

Sad to hear Bikechella is postponing their operation until Coachella 2013. From what I’ve heard there were supplier problems and the bikes won’t be arriving on time.

So here are some other options:

** Tri-a-bike:  44-841 San Pablo Ave. at Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA



** Big Wheel Tours: Palm Desert,   Rentals Call: (760) 779-1837

** Bike Palm Springs: 625 N Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262

…another option is to buy one from the Pawn shop. There a place called Rockys Pawn and they usually have bikes. Look em up and give them a call.


Original Article:

A stellar company “Bikechella” is offering lots of chances to win bike rentals in the Coachella Valley in April!  Be sure to check them out, and like to win!

You can catch them on Twitter (they have over 500 followers) and on their new Facebook page! With enough buzz, they may soon add tent rentals to the mix for the complete package.

Exciting news – especially for anyone who has done the hour long walk into the fairgrounds, or had to do a last minute run to the grocery store.

Multeepurpose will be out in full force just like last year!  Come say hi at the festival to score some free gear! You can like our fb page as well for some great giveaways(not festival related)  and more info:

Here is some more info on Bikechella from their FB page:

Festival Bikes will be renting bikes in Coachella Valley, CA this April. Like our page to stay up to date with rental specials and contests to win FREE TICKETS!
Bike Rentals for the Coachella Valley in 2012 and Stagecoach 2012 will be available starting 1/20/2012. Check back for rental info.In addition to our status re-post contest ending 1/20, we will be giving away 1 free bike rental every friday. Like our page for info about more contests!
*Please note – Bikechella is a bike rental company renting bicycles in Coachella Valley, California. COACHELLA, as in “COACHELLA valley music and arts festival” has no connection, and does not endorse or reccomend this company.
(Sorry for the legal jargon – at a request from the festival law peeps, I need to state this… “to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods.” ) Quoted from
** Dear Coachella peeps… please let me know if anything in this post is infringing on trademark law and I will fix it right away 🙂

Small Eco-Changes for the New Year! Six (6) ideas!

Hello 2012!!

The dawn of a new year means new resolutions, fresh starts, and the revitalization of the get-it-done spirit. This year – I am making  it a point to include an eco-resolution, and hope you will join me. It doesn’t have to be anything big – even a small change can have a big impact.   Below are some great ideas to get you started on your Eco-resolutions!  **Feel free to share your eco-resolutions too!

ECO-RESOLUTION IDEA #1- Ditch the Plastic

Find a reusable shopping bag and stash it someplace smart. I leave one in my office, one at home, and one in my car.  I use them to carry groceries, shoes, makeup, paperwork, office supplies and just about anything I can dream up. From humble beginnings the re-usable shopping bag has become quite a fashion statement.

In 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to ban single-use plastic bags in chain grocery stores and pharmacies. Dozens of other cities and counties have followed over the past four years, making this the easiest eco-resolution yet!  I recently bought my grandmother a FEED reusable Tote, which not only reduces waste by being reusable, it provides school meals to children through United Nations World Food Programme. Check out to learn more!

Visualizing Waste: what 60,000 plastic bags looks like, the number used in the US every five seconds

(Above: Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait by Chris Jordan)

(Below: enlarged pictures of the above image)

ECO-RESOLUTION IDEA #2 – Support Artisans

I’ve recently discovered a new love of artisan organic cheese, and a new passion.  Brie, Blue, Crumbled, Goat, Cow, hard cheese, soft cheese, aged cheeses, truffle cheeses – each word is a beautiful note on my palate, and learning about where they come from has been rewarding pursuit.  I especially love discovering the story behind the cheese.

As Cowgirl Creamery (one of my favorite organic cheese-makers) remarks, “It is possible to name the cheesemaker, identify the pasture where the animals grazed, and to name the breed of cow, sheep or goat whose milk was used. Artisan cheese comes with a sense of place, ecological values, and a unique relationship between the artisan and the raw materials.”

This 2012, make it a point to buy something artisan, or locally grown. It does’t have to be cheese. I never liked tomatoes until I tried a large farmers market tomato the size of a grapefruit, overflowing with delicious juice. Now, I love them and anxiously await the summer and fall harvest. Visit a farmers market, a trade show, or a fair. Find something that inspires you; locally grown fruit, wildflower honey, wine…  You never know – you may find something that changes your life!

ECO-RESOLUTION IDEA #3 – Make your house sparkle with Green Cleaning products

Eco-Cleaning products used to be more expensive, harder to find, and never quite worked as well. This may have given them a bad rap early on, but this is not the case any longer.  Today, you can stop into any grocery store and find an entire section devoted to green-cleaning. I’ll admit to having a strong affinity to my bottle of blue windex, after all, I grew up using it.

When first choosing to switch, I was worried about how well my new green cleaner could handle the job, but my worries turned out to be unfounded. I love cleaning with products like Green Works, and Method’s all vegan line. Here is a great list of products covering glass cleaners, dishwashers, floors, bathrooms, drains and more… Want a DIY solution? Click  Here for a DIY Non-toxic cleaning kit from National Geographic.

ECO-RESOLUTION IDEA #4 – Go paper towel-less!

“What if a whole group of people did the same “green” activity at the same time?”

That very question was the foundation for a campaign spearheaded by  Reduce Footprints called Change the World Wednesday (#CTWW).  Each week a new challenge is posted on the site and anyone can join in. One of their Wednesday Challenges was  to avoid using or buying paper towels for 7 days. Groovy Green Livin (founded by Lori Popkewitz Alper) did a great story on this challenge, providing paper towel facts and figures, and tips to go without. Read it here If every household in the U.S. used just one less  roll of  paper towels,we would save more than 544,000 trees each year!

ECO-RESOLUTION IDEA #5 – Eco-Social-Apparel

Aside from eating, drinking, and sleeping, there is one more thing most people need to do everyday. Put clothes on… unless you live in a nudist colony, in which case you are already ahead of the game. For the rest of us who need to cover up, it is worth noting that According to the EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year. That equates to about 21 billion pounds of waste each year! The first thing you can do is be sure that what you don’t need goes somewhere that it can be of use. Goodwill, crossroads, vintage stores, you name it.

Another great idea is making what you do buy, count. There are endless options for apparel that does more. Multeepurpose (where i work, sorry for the self promo but I believe in what we do…)  donates 20% of the sale price (up to $25 per item) sold via our website If you buy from one of our retail partners like Fred Segal, we donate $1 per item.

Other great brands we love:

TOMS – one for one

Kayu– Unite for Site

Patagonia – Recycled bottles to fleece

Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg also make some great earth-friendly fashions.

ECO-RESOLUTION IDEA #6 – Ditch your bottled water addiction

I love bottled water – I really do!  Its tastes great, its easy to take with me, perfect for the gym, and available just about anywhere I go.  What I don’t love, is the plastic bottle it comes in. Its also pricey – and according to James Owen from the National Geographic, not as healthy as good ol’ tap water.  Tap water, on average,  is 500 times cheaper than bottled water. So what to do? Snag yourself a BPA-free bottle and drink up.

If you’re like me, you may still like the idea of using a filter. A great option is Bobble – available in most retail locations, even stores like Bloomingdale’s. Brita  also makes great filters that fit right onto your sink faucet!

If you havent already: check out THE STORY OF STUFF


Feel free to leave your eco-resolution comments 🙂 I’d love more ideas!

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